St. Matthew the Evangelist Parish

139 Spruce Street, Minersville, Pennsylvania 17954-1642
Parish Office: 538 Sunbury Street, Minersville, Pennsylvania 17954-1642
Phone:  (570) 544-2812                         Fax:  (570) 544-2792  




Enrollees are remembered during the month of November each year in two Masses offered by all diocesan priests; in the daily Masses, Communions, prayers of our Diocesan Seminarians; in the daily prayers of our parochial school children. 

The offering is $25 for an INDIVIDUAL or a HUSBAND and WIFE.

For an enrollment, contact the Rectory (570-544-2812).

We would encourage your participation in this program because it supports our Seminaries and helps to educate Future Priests!


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